Rubber Boa Straps

Product Description

WaterproofConfidently put the squeeze on a spare inner tube, tools, water or other essential gear with Giant Loop’s Rubber Boa Straps™ hooked to dirt bike fenders. Rubber Boa Straps apply dynamic tension with stretch elastic shock cord and a simple locking slot, creating a dead-solid connection between plastic fenders and relatively small and lightweight gear, even in demanding off-road terrain. Available in a package of two.

Rubber Boa Straps take their name from a docile, worm-like snake, native to Oregon’s high desert where Giant Loop is located. Rubber Boas are the most northerly of boa species, and they kill prey by constriction.

Add a 2-liter Possibles Pouch to carry all the essentials.

Specs and Features

• Military-spec ¼-in. shock cord
• Heavy-duty injection molded fender hooks
• Limited Lifetime Warranty
• Made in USA

Fits These Models

The super tough and stable Rubber Boa Straps fit most standard dirt bike plastics.