Our Giant Loop™ saddlebags have made hundreds of trips with riders in the most demanding conditions around the world. We are confident that if you embrace the “go light, go fast” theory of on- and off-road adventure, sport and dual sport motorcycle riding, you will enjoy the tight, low riding weight distribution of our system.

We have been out for 10-day, self-supported camping trips and have yet to find ourselves wanting more space or more stuff. Typically, riders need to stop for fuel and food almost everyday. And once you really pare your motorcycle kit down to the essentials, you realize that truly, “less is more.”

Whether you ride a sleek sport bike, a big adventure touring motorcycle, a versatile dualsport, a commuter supermoto or lightweight dirt bike, you will appreciate the minimal performance impact offered by carrying gear with the Giant Loop high performance motorcycle soft luggage and packing systems.



Key Giant Loop™ Advantages
• More than 30 pounds lighter than typical hard luggage
• Biomorphic designs integrate into motorcycle, positioning weight precisely where it’s desiged to go
• No luggage racks, hardware mounts, braces or other heavy metal parts required
• Better position for rider
• Better weight distribution, positioned close to the motorcycle’s center
• Safer — less likely to cause injury than hard-shell touring boxes
• Bombproof — fewer parts to fail on the trail
• Made in USA to military specification quality standards
• Sleeker, cleaner lines to compliment motorcycle design