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Giant Loop Rider: CJ Designs Suzuki V-Strom DL650 Dual Sport Build with Siskiyou Panniers

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CJ Designs Suzuki V-Stom DL650 Dual Sport Adventure Build

Giant Loop Rider and pro photographer Matthew?Fehrmann just sent us these shots of the CJ Designs Suzuki V-Strom DL650 dual sport build, and this looks like one super-bad machine! You’ll find more details about it here in this Adventure Rider forum thread. You may remember CJ Designs’ two-wheel-drive KTM 950 Adventure we displayed at Dealer Expo two years ago – and Matthew’s KTM 950 Adventure with the 10-gallon Safari Tank we displayed in our booth this year. The Siskiyou Panniers fit great – and look great – on this bike. A perfect choice for lightening this notoriously heavy and road-oriented bike – and making it Adventure Proof. Enjoy Matthew’s pics and comments:

Siskiyou Panniers on Suzuki V-Strom DL650“Craig just finished his DL650 project for our friend Matt, and it’s Bad Ass. I think you will dig it (the photo tells it all). After Matt ran the Siskiyou Panniers on a short loop in?Wisconsin he was handing them back to me and said, ‘I wish I had more time with these.’ I told him to run them in Colorado?on our trip and keep testing them. This is going to be a great time for me to get photos in action.”

Giant Loop Siskiyou Panniers on Suzuki V-Strom DL650“Here are a couple shots of his bike?and the luggage on the trail. I’m looking forward to giving them a go in October when Craig and I do another North Woods run.”

Tough bikes deserve tough luggage. Pick up the bike and keep riding, the Siskiyou Panniers didn't even budge or stratch.

Tough bikes deserve tough luggage. Pick up the bike and keep riding, the Siskiyou Panniers didn’t even budge or stratch.

“Be well and see ya in a couple weeks!”

Matthew Fehrmann (Photographer / Writer)
CJ Designs LLC
check out our BLOG at cjdesignsllc.wordpress.com

Giant Loop Rider: Dimitri rides his KTM 640 Adventure with two Coyotes!

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Giant Loop Rider Dimitri stopped by the shop the other day to get some new luggage. ?He was on the return leg of a fly and buy that brought him to Central Oregon. He had found the new to him KTM 640 Adventure online and flew up to complete the deal. On his way home, he swung by the Giant Loop shop and loaded his kit into not one, but TWO Coyote saddle bags. The Coyote bags were for some friends back home, but they did a good job of holding his kit on the 640, when it was all said and done.








Giant Loop Adventure: Impromptu Camping Trip – Destination Unknown

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Sometimes a window of opportunity opens, and you have to fly away before it closes again.

2013 KTM 500 EXC packed with camping gear, water, food and ready for adventure. Destination: Unknown

2013 KTM 500 EXC packed with camping gear, water, food and ready for adventure. Destination: Unknown

So much about life is pre-planned that it’s especially liberating to head out with only the vaguest idea of where you’ll end up. East. Maury Mountains. Camp near water.

Just a few miles east of Bend. Decompressing.

Wandering on gravel roads, watching the weather. A little rain helps knock down the dust. Too much and it makes gumbo mud. Up the south end of the Maury Mountains, little siblings to Oregon’s Ochoco Mountains. No one out here but ranchers and bow hunters. Solitude is a throttle twist away at any time.

Tonight this will be my place. Near the water. Far from everything else.

dual sport adventure camping

A simple camp. Bivy sack. Sleeping bag. Pad. Tarp. Stove. Pot. Dish. Dried food. Tea. And a little plastic bottle of Crater Lake Vodka to pour in a bit at a time as I sip juice. Backcountry cocktails.

Go light. Go fast. Especially if you're not going far. Recently upgraded my dual sport adventure camp kitchen to this super compact, super lightweight Snow Peak set.

Go light. Go fast. Especially if you’re not going far. Recently upgraded my dual sport adventure camp kitchen to this super compact, super lightweight Snow Peak set.

Titanium spork and food-grade silicone bowl!

Titanium spork and food-grade silicone bowl – both fit inside cook ware, along with fuel canister.

MSR Dromedary water bag was another nice addition.

Watched a thunder shower blow through at sundown. My space stayed dry.

There’s something magical about sitting still in one place, and watching the sunset and sunrise.

Coyotes. Elk. Geese. Rising fish. And this sunrise to greet me.

Good morning world.

Day 2: Rode up to a fire look out.

Friendly fire look out invited me up. Told me about his work. Shared his views on a lot of things. Probably doesn’t talk to people much here, so he had a lot to say. Nice fellow.

View looking northeast. Crooked River drainage.

View looking northeast. Crooked River drainage.

Closeup of the view looking south – buttes and table rock.

Why? Why not.

Post, Oregon -

Post, Oregon – “The Center of Oregon” – which is another way of saying “Close to Nothing.”

Stopped in Post, Oregon, then rode the dirt road on the north shore of Prineville Reservoir, complete my medium, not giant, loop overnight adventure.

Stopped in Post, Oregon, then rode the dirt road on the north shore of Prineville Reservoir, complete my medium, not giant, loop overnight adventure.

Giant Loop Riders: Great Basin Saddlebag on BMW G650GS, Fandango Tank Bag on KTM 990 Adventure

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Thanks Greg and Melinda for sharing the pic and comments – glad you enjoyed your Giant Loop ride!


My wife and I just recently purchased two of your products for me the Fandango Tank Bag, my wife the Great Basin Saddlebag. ?We just got back from a 1300 mi loop from Corvallis to Calistoga via Hwy 101 into the Avenue of The Giants, onto Calistoga. ?Calistoga east to I-5 up to Weed, 97 to Bend, Bend back to Corvallis. ?Your bags worked excellent! ?Here are a few pics.

Greg and Melinda
2008 KTM 990 Adventure
2012 BMW G650GS

keith wr250r

Giant Loop Rider: Keith Larkin Rides Trans Canada Trail on Yamaha WR250R with Great Basin and Great Basin Dry Bag

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Keith Larkin, owner of White’s Powersports, our New Zealand Distributor, wrote in to tell us about his TransCanada ride, with a Great Basin mounted on a WR250R.

“Hi guys, everything going well here.
Finished the 600 km T Rail yesterday – what a ride! More like a trail ride in parts as against adv ride, but a hoot on 250’s!

The pic is an old rail car by the trail.

We have both tested the bark busters Matt – yep work as good a ever!

Harold I have done a bit if this long distance adv riding, and luggage has always been a ball ache . Giant Loop is fantastic for this stuff, tough, amazingly easy to use , and great balance on bike. A no brainier.

Scott No Toil filters in and working to the usual quality and convenience.

Today is a road blast up to the ferry for Labrador and some serious wilderness.
The SPOT is working well from the accounts I have.

Thanks again for your help guys.

Thank you Keith, for sending us the great update about your ride on the Trans Canada Trail.
Keith also has a parts and accessory website for New Zealand customers.


Giant Loop Rider: Noah’s RTW trip on a KTM 690 Enduro with Giant Loop Packing System

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Check out these pics of Giant Loop rider Noah Horak in Tajikistan. After spending the winter riding around in Eastern Europe with his snowboard strapped on his bike, he is now riding around with his fishing rod, enjoying the central Asian countryside. For his round-the-world ramblings, Noah’s packing his kit in Siskiyou Panniers, Fandango Tank Bag and a Great Basin Dry Bag on his tricked out KTM 690 Enduro.

Many more amazing photos of his continuing adventure ’round the world on his Picasa album. Don’t miss the many stories and stunning pics of the people he’s meeting at his “RTW with Noah on a KTM 690” thread on the ADV Rider forum and his blog, Noah Horak’s Adventure

Powersports Business, May 27, 2013

Giant Loop Sighting: Powersports Business Photo of Fandango Tank Bag in Patagonia

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Cool to see a Rox Speed FX and Giant Loop rider featured in Powersports Business’s article, “Aftermarket – Task at hand: Saving the family business,” about Rox’s efforts to keep the business running after its founder, Rocky Cutsforth, died in 2010.

Powersports Business, May 27, 2013

We’re not sure who this rider is, but it looks like he’s enjoying his Fandango Tank Bag – and adventure the “go light, go fast, go far” way!


Giant Loop Riders: Training for Tour of Idaho with MoJavi Saddlebag

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Hi guys! Tony, Rich and I had a blast last weekend riding Section 3 down to Union Creek and back. This was the first of two planned T1 shakedown rides. We were pelted by rain, sleet, and snow, turned back by snow three times and once by a 5′ diameter fir, and still had a great time. We covered 530 miles – about 150 on slab and 380 on dirt/gravel. We had planned on riding only 380 miles over the two days, but the snow caused us some pretty major detours. All in all, we were out 11 hours on Saturday and 12 on Sunday (including pie at Becky’s on Sunday!). It was a good test. We just wanted to tell you how well the Mojave’s performed. I’ll start by saying that they won’t be coming off our bikes any time soon! They stayed dry inside, stood up to quite a bit of brush, mounted securely, and were very easy to access. Neither of us even knew they were there. And, as you can see from the pictures, the Rotopax fit very nicely behind the bags with the stock mounting hardware (on ProBillet racks). You guys totally hit a home run with these. We’ll be picking up another bike very soon for Rich to ride on the T1 – the 2-smoker just isn’t going to work – so we’ll be buying another Mojave shortly. Thanks for a GREAT product, and for being really terrific guys to work with. BTW, we’re bummed about missing the Summer Lake ride! Have fun!!! Kim — Kim Sarao Superior Tractor & Equipment Superior Rentals Superior Tool (541) 923-2370 office (541) 480-2905 cell (541) 923-8399 fax


Giant Loop Riders: Andes Moto Extreme Project – Husaberg Adventure Team’s Motorcycle Altitude World Record Video

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On 18 March 2012, the Husaberg Adventure Team’s “Andes Moto Extreme Project” established a new “Motorcycle Altitude World Record Ride” on Ojos del Salado in Chile. The Husaberg Adventure Team rode Husaberg FE570s equipped with Giant Loop’s Coyote Saddelbag and Fandango Tank Bag.

“Andes Moto Extreme Project – Motorcycle Altitude World Record Ride. 18 March 2012. Ojos del Salado, Chile. The Husaberg Adventure Team ride above the prevailing world record of 6,245m, to post a new record mark of 6,361 metres.”

Andes Moto Extreme Team describes why they chose to ride with Giant Loop’s motorcycle soft luggage:

“We dont have a vast support crew behind us, just a couple of friends. So we need to be able to carry our own gear. We need to carry camera gear, video gear etc with us up the mountain every day. Some previous efforts, based on trials bikes carrying nothing on the bikes, were accompanied the whole way by 4WDs and a crew. We don’t have that luxury so needed to plan for luggage. Giant Loop are the pioneers in dirt bike luggage. They invented it. They worked out how to wrap a bag around a bike, so that you dont need racks. So for weight, simplicity, reliability, toughness, Giant Loop had to be the gear for us. We are each taking a Giant Loop Coyote rear bag and a Fandango tank bag.”


Giant Loop Riders: Quinn Cody & Kendall Norman, JCR/Honda, Pre-Run Baja on Honda CRF450X with MoJavi Saddlebag

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I about fell off my stool when Quinn Cody called me up and ordered a couple of our MoJavi Saddlebags. Yep, THAT Quinn Cody: 2010 Baja 500 winner (with JCR/Honda teammate Kendall Norman), 2010 Vegas to Reno winner (riding solo!), 2009 Baja 1000 winner, etc. (check out his Bio for the whole list). He and Kendall are out riding Baja right now, using their MoJavi Saddlebags to take some of the weight of tools and parts out of their backpacks. Here’s an email message Quinn sent last night before taking off:

“Ok so here we go again – We have had a whole year to prepare, and we’re less prepared than last year…. But we’re going anyway, Kendall Norman and I are riding from Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas and back, 3000 miles totally unsupported, with only what we can carry on our Honda CRF 450x’s. Trunks, flip flops, a tee shirt and some tools.”


Pro Mountain Biker Rad Ross Schnell Rips Baja with Giant Loop Saddlebag on KTM 530 EXC

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Shortly after we launched Giant Loop in the fall of 2008, pro mountain biker Rad Ross Schnell was one of our first customers. When his Giant Loop Saddlebag arrived, he almost immediately strapped it to his KTM 530 EXC and rode the full length of Baja California. This feature article, ?Rad Ross Schnell: All-American Badass,? appeared in Bike magazine last year. Yet another mountain bike/motorcycling crossover ? people who care about weight and performance are the first to embrace our ?go light, go fast? approach to motorcycle touring. -hoc

?The trip was RAD! That?s the first serious moto tour I?ve ever done and can definitely say that I?ll be doing it again. The saddlebag worked awesome!! It was such a good size and was such a simple setup. Thanks again for all the help and quick shipment, it was definitely the setup!? ? Ross


MotoSyberia 2009: 6666 km in 66 days on KTM 400 EXCs with Giant Loop Saddlebags

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It made my day when the mailman delivered a package from Poland containing a disc full of photos and a copy of the 2010 MotoSyberia calendar. Motorcycling is a world of extremes, and among the extreme MotoSyberia pretty much leaves all other contenders eating their mud and dust. These guys do things on motorcycles most people would simply call crazy. For this reason, we were really excited when Mac at MotoSyberia contact us about sponsoring their 2009 trip and equipping their bikes with our Giant Loop Saddlebags (this was before we introduced the new, improved Coyote Saddlebag). Our saddlebags, they told us, were the only product up to the task of the expedition they had planned. Mac?s sense of humor is straight out of the movie Spinal Tap ? here?s how they describe the expedition:

?MotoSyberia 2009 ? extremely mental expedition to the unknown. First successful attempt to get to Anadyr overland in summer. The laborious southern route turned out to be too difficult. After surrender and many mental problems they successfully got through the northern route to the capital of Chukotka- Anadyr. MotoSyberia 2009 is about achieving the aim at any cost. MotoSyberia Reactivation was lead by the prince of the darkness, satan himself. The route: 6666 km in 66 days, Magadan, Omsuchan,almost Evensk, Magadan, Seymchan, Anyusk, Bilibino, Evgekinot, Anadyr. Riders: Maciej Swinarski, Miroslaw Kolerski, Grzegorz Sadowski. Bikes: KTMEXC400?

We can?t wait to see what these guys come up with next ? and to put Giant Loop gear to the ultimate test! Take a look at the MotoSyberia website ? if you dare . . .


Great Basin Saddlebag Tours Alaska on BMW F800GS

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?I cannot tell you how much I love the Great Basin Saddlebag ? it made the trip and ride spectacular. When you said waterproof, it truly is! I rode through a rain/hail squall, getting it soaked. The bag performed better than I could have dreamed, and I can say it will truly handle anything that Alaska riders can throw at it. Here are some quick pics for you and your crew. Thanks again.?


Giant Loop Saddlebag Tours Spain?s Pyreneese Mountains on KTM 525 EXC

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?Hi Guys. I bought a Giant Loop Saddlebag off you for a 1000 km, 7-day ride through the Spanish Pyrenees Mountains. Can I just say what a fantastic bit of kit it turned out to be. A week?s worth of kit, plus my tools, sleeping bag and tent. Very robust, and most of the time I didnt know it was there! Thanks again, it was the dog?s bollocks, as we say here in England.? ? Paul, Manchester, England