Rally Raid Products Honda CB500X Adventure Parts List & US Pricing

RRP is set to ship the first four Level 3 kits to Giant Loop on Monday. They are all pre-sold, and several others have paid deposits and are in line to receive their parts in subsequent shipments. We are now collecting order forms and deposits, and parts will be shipped to customers in the order … Continue reading »


Video: How to Install Rally Raid Products Honda CB500X Kit, Part One

Recap of first steps installing Rally Raid Products Honda CB500X Adventure Kit: Skid Plate, Side Stand, Shock Only basic tools and mechanical knowledge is required for the installation. Reserve your Rally Raid Products Honda CB500X Adventure kit today, and take your place in motorcycle history!


Giant Loop Rider: Solana Visits GL With Her Yamaha XT250, To Get Equipped For Her Summer Ride To Canada

We were working away packing orders and doing office work, when there was a knock at the door. Solana, a college instructor and Xterra race winner enjoying her first enduro bike, had come by to get some fit questions answered. She has planned a dual sport  ride to Canada this summer and needed a packing system … Continue reading »


Giant Loop Rider: Photographer David Schelske Sends Thank You from Washington Backcountry Discovery Route

Truly moved by this one – it really requires no commentary: Hey Guys 4 years ago you guys at Giant Loop auctioned off a bag and donated the money to me after I was injured filming at the races. On the 4 year anniversary of that accident, a few friends and I took off on … Continue reading »